Hello everyone! I'm TeniCola, an illustrator and visual storyteller who enjoys exploring character designs. I currently manage a Character Portfolio + Blog where I organize my growing roster of original characters.

My ongoing creative project is Deities of Duat / "DEITIES Project" -- a visual story featuring design interpretations of the Ancient Egyptian gods and mythology.

Examples of my artwork can be found in my PORTFOLIO and on my other media accounts. And if you enjoy my work, please consider supporting me on KO-FI, and/or following my progress. Thank you for visiting and for your interest!

(SCRAPPED; Keeping as a reference)

(SCRAPPED; Keeping as a reference)

"DEITIES Project" is my ongoing personal project, featuring design interpretations of the Ancient Egyptian gods and other aspects from the mythology. Several characters will also be featured in my upcoming visual story titled Deities of Duat, which is developing in tandem to the larger project.

Additional artwork, content, and development for DEITIES Project can be found on the GALLERY page, and at the project's TUMBLR, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, and SPOTIFY. Please also consider supporting me and DEITIES Project on KO-FI!

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A quick reference for any Frequently Asked Questions. Feel free to submit any additional questions about my interests, artwork, or personal characters at my CURIOUSCAT account.



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Special thanks are extended to my patrons, who had offered their monetary support through PATREON while following my progress and enjoying additional bonuses. Consider joining my PATREON or other ways to support me on my Support & Thanks page of the DEITIES Project tumblr.

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